Buy to Let Investments – Investors Guide

A buy to let investment property has the potential to generate a passive income and a great return on your investment.

Finding your property –

Don’t let personal taste influence you too much. This an investment, so you want to ensure that the property you buy will appeal to the tenants who rent in that marketplace.

With 0.5% being the highest rate of interest which most banks offer nowadays we believe that keeping your money in the bank is becoming a thing of the past.

Most properties will generate over 7% return on your investment.

Taking all the bellow into account is very important when searching for a buy to let investment property.

- Location/Area

- Number of bedrooms and sizes

- Other properties nearby and their rentals.

- Home Report condition

- Remedial works

- Local facilities and transport

Whether it’s a property ready to go or a flat that needs a full refurbishment, we promise to source you what you’re looking for and help you along the way.

Ensuring your property is finished to a high standard will more than likely increase the monthly rental.

Yields and Returns

Calculating your gross yield is easy, simply use our online yield calculator.

Rental Yield Calculator

Your Rental Yields will be:

Calculating your NET yield is slightly different, here you would add all your expenses together which are related with the property against your monthly rent.

Our job is to make your life easier, doing it yourself could be stressful, so why not use us?