Letwell Training

We are pleased to advise that our third staff member is now undergoing the Letwell training Programme. We wish Eilis the very best of luck with all her exams coming up. The letwell training is a vital part of the lettings industry and meeting the code of practise. This ensures that the staff members are fully trained within all aspects of Lettings.

Catford Investments Ltd

We have Moved !

I am pleased to advise that we have successfully moved into our new premises at:

1 North Bridge Street



Our new window displays have now been installed and are lighting up Hawick High Street at night.

Our New Sign will hopefully be installed within the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for all the updates.

Landlord Registration:

As of 11 February 2019 landlords will be able to view their registration expiry dates, across all local authority areas in which they have registered properties.

This will help to ensure that registrations can be renewed in good time and unnecessary late application fees are avoided. Please note that when attempting to renew a registration on-line, it’s important that you select the ‘renew’ option to avoid creating a new duplicate registration.

Most Frequently asked question this month:

Q: There is an old washing machine in one of our landlords' flats. Can she state on the tenancy agreement and inventory that tenants are welcome to use it but that she will not repair or replace it if it breaks down?

A: No, the Repairing Standard legislation states that all appliances provided by the landlord must be in a reasonable state of repair and proper working order throughout the tenancy. There is no obligation to provide appliances so if your landlord doesn't want the expense of maintaining them, then it is better not to provide them.

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